Levo is a networking platform that allows you to connect with your co-passengers at the airport and on your flight. Other use cases include Hotels and professional events.

Levo is a network for professionals who are looking to meet other like-minded or interesting people. We do not have any minimum age or qualification requirements.

You can download the Levo iOS app from the Apple iTunes Store and the Android app from the Google Playstore.

Facebook / Linkedin allows us to authenticate your profiles and the profiles of others you may interact with. Further, LinkedIn also allows us to pull your work profiles without manual intervention. Facebook also allows you to find mutual friends with other profiles.

Either manually by entering your flight information (flight number, departure date and PNR) OR by forwarding email itinerary to trips@getlevo.com.

Your travel information is sensitive. PNR allows us to authenticate you. It also allows us to web check in for you, if you require it.

To view profiles of your co-passengers, simply add your travel itinerary, click on the flight itinerary on your home-page and view profiles.

When you like a profile, a notification is sent to the user with a connection request. The user then has the option of accepting or declining the request.

When you skip a profile, the user does not get a notification on your action. The skipped profile is then sent to a repository which you can access at the end of all profiles.

Levo has an in-built chat feature for you to connect with your party.

We advise you to communicate on the LEVO app for your information’s security, but in case you are to meet at the airport and lose data / service, simply consider the Airport networking lounge as the default place to meet.

Unfortunately, you are only able to chat in-app when there is a mutual match. You may only view profiles of someone you have not matched with.

Networking is a two-way street. Visit the app on a daily basis before your flight to see newly added profiles. Invite friends to build your potential options and open up chances to network with their friends. Stay connected and make an effort to find connections.

Click on your profile on the Navigation menu, click edit on the top right.

Profile completeness shows how much of the required information you have updated on your profile. The more information you update, the more likely it is that you will connect with the right people to network with. It makes you look good!

Networking intent depicts whether you’d like to meet for strictly business related conversation, OR casual, OR both.

When you want to be seated alongside a person on the airplane to network-with, simply click the ‘Levo Check-in’ button (denoted by the flight icon). Once the opposite party accepts, you two will be seated together based on your seating preferences. You can choose to coordinate your seating yourselves as well.

Yes, you can always view profiles of people and connect with them at the airport.

If your seat is pre-assigned, kindly email trips@getlevo.com and we will try and accommodate your LEVO match to seat next to you.

No you cannot cancel a Levo check-in request. However you can send multiple Levo check-in requests until one of your matches accepts.

You can only choose if you would like to sit with your match window-middle, middle-aisle, or aisle-aisle. We will do our best to accommodate you on your preferred choice of seat. We believe “who you sit with” is more important than “where you sit”.

Ever bumped into a friend at the airport? We will notify you when your friends are travelling at the same time as you! Of course, with including your friends, you include their networks and hence you get a larger pool of second degree folk to bump into via LEVO.

In the event of inappropriate behaviour, please report to support@getlevo.com. Our support team will assist you immediately.

Go to our “Contact Us” section in the app and send us a query there

You can logout by going into Preferences (Android) and More (iOS) and selecting the logout option.

To delete kindly send email to support@getlevo.com

The LEVO networking lounge is an offline lounge to come in and meet interesting people who are at the airport at the same time as you. You may participate in speed networking, current affair discussions, or by pitching your business OR sharing a story at the Pitch Station.

Levo networking lounge is located at the partner airport terminals post security check. Specific details of the same will come soon.

You can come in as a speaker, spectator or participant. The idea is you get to choose what you want to make of your Levo experience.

We are always working on bringing new offers and deals on the table. Keep a lookout in your email inbox and our push notifications!

We would like to keep our platform ad-free for now. But please do not hesitate to reach out to connect@getlevo.com for more information.

Anyone you meet at an airport or flight has already passed through security. Airports seem like the safest place to meet new people. We do our best to filter the app to keep it safe and user friendly. For feedback on anyone, do notify us on support@getlevo.com.

Nope. LEVO is completely free! – We will start an optional premium version soon with cooler networking features.

Unfortunately, Levo currently works only on domestic flights. We are focused on getting the service right for our beloved Indian users first. But as we grow, we should soon be able to add international flights onto our map!

Yes, your PNR along with departure & arrival times and cities will be present on your homepage even without internet connection.

Levo is always open. Got a flight in the wee hours? No problem! We are 24-7. As long as there are airport commuters, you will get a chance to meet someone.

You can share our app download link from the “Friends on Levo” section. You can also share our the love via our social media pages.